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Remote control motor module consists of a remote control to control the motor reversing and stationary, or used to trigger the relay, which used to switch the gate can be used in car keys (in particular, require low standby current of the receiver board), applied to a variety of remote controlfields, particularly on the occasion of the host battery-powered, the main device, including remote control, the receiving part. Transmitter* When the host non-battery-powered support close to the opening function:* Static power consumption is less than 0.7UA* Remote control distance: straight line as far as 110 meters, commonly used distance of 30 m    * Operating Frequency 2.4G    * Support the launch of the feedback function, confirm that the lantern flashes quickly after the host receives    * Unique ID, do not re-code (ID can be written to by the customer to use the burner)    * Support random encryption trial in high security situations    * If the distance is less demanding, volume can be done less than 2 * 2cm    * By the FCC and CE certification    Receiving partStatic power consumption can be done less than 15UA, 2 AA batteries can work for 10 years* Support for multiple remote    * Support for the near wake (wake-up from the not too accurate)    * Support for the code function    * Support multiple IO port function.    * By the FCC and CE certification* Can be customized different frequency point 315M, 433M, 868M, 915M    * Can be customized beyond the farthest to 3.2 km* Can be customized in different keys, different host output timingA wide range of applications of the remote control door locks, car locks, battery lock, remote password box, remote control safe, remote home, etc.

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