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Now everyone can do wireless. Responsibility promise future.
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About Us

Welcome to RF World. We design &manufacture wide range of high quality RF Radio modules and specialized in customize our wireless solutions for our client’s application need.
Our Goal: Everyone can do wireless. Provide Innovative, easy to use and completive price solutions designed by experienced wireless engineer team and produced by Shenzhen’s cost efficiency product development cycle. Our customers thus may enjoy high quality, easy to use yet inexpensive wireless solution for their applications.
Our Vision: All wired network and communication will become wireless.

Our Product:  315M ,433M ,868M, 915M, 2.4G ,5.8G Digital RF Radio Wireless module ,all  based on high quality radio IC and MCU from SILICONLAB ,IA, NORDIC, CHIPCON, TI  and Atmel.

Applications and Solutions:

Wireless audio module and Wireless audio box, USB Wireless audio box Wireless SKYPE phone
solution,  Air mouse with voice.

Security& Alarm:
Wireless Baby monitor (audio), WI-FI Finder, Baby Finder,2 .4G Anti-losing,  Remote Keyless entry , Active RFID, Wireless private protocol Module, Wireless meter reading , Wireless sensor (Temperature , Humidity),Embedded anti-losing module for Mobile , Pad.

Wireless data transmit Module (232, 485, UART, USB), Wireless motor Control, Wireless Lighting control,  Wireless DMX512  module , Vies to answer first Solution, Wireless Smart Home System, Wireless 3D Glasses , Wireless ,Wireless weather station , PMP, Wireless Remote Controller,  Wireless Keyboard , wireless Mouse,  Customize Wireless Module.

Our Value:
 Customer service
 High performance
 High Reliability
 Short Time-to-Market
 Strong Engineering Team




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